Accessory Buildings

Accessory buildings are external / secondary buildings to our main residences, providing our clients with that extra dream space needed. These are compact buildings that meet the needs of the modern world, they can be used for guest cabins, pool bars & cabanas, home gyms, hot tub / saunas, outdoor bbq / kitchens or as outdoor offices for all those that now work from home. Our accessory buildings are prefabricated based on client requests and delivered by flatbed truck and craned into position. They are spray foam insulated and can be finished with painted exposed corrugate or external cladding in any colour or pattern to match the main residence. 

We offer a range of standard pre-designed & engineered accessory buildings which offer our clients the best value, these kits can be customized to make your home unique - including countless options for flooring, kitchens & bathrooms, windows & doors, and exterior cladding solutions. We also offer a range of modern upgrade options including all the latest smart technologies - lighting, security, acoustics and solar solutions. We also offer custom design solutions of any size to create the home you have always envisioned or that is designed for your unique property.

Add a custom gym to your home.

Available in stock sizes (B106, B160) or custom sizes available.

Starting from $30,000


Add a container garage to your home or cottage. 

Various sizes and options available.

Starting from $125,000

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