Our Process

Zoning Review
We work with multiple architects to review our clients property details and their local building zoning regulations, to ensure we are providing the right solution. Our clients need to provide an accurate site survey, to ensure we follow all lot coverage, set back and building rules pertaining to the township where the property is located. Based on this we work with our clients to suggest the best suited container building for their land, whether one of our standard kits or a custom designed container residence. This step typically takes 2-4 weeks.


Budget Exploration
We work with our clients to help establish a budget based on size & type of building permitted from zoning review as well as our clients desired finishes. 
Our clients must remember that they will also be responsible for all additional costs for permits & site prep - including removal of any existing buildings / clearing land, footings (piers, pad or foundation) and bringing in all services (electrical, water & sanitation). This step typically takes 1-2 weeks.

Design / Permit Application
With an approved high level budget we proceed to design & permit application. We take a 10% deposit of the agreed upon budget to cover all design, shop drawings & engineering approvals required for permit application (any other drawings required by the building department are at the clients expense). Our clients can help design their dream building from one of our templates or from scratch, using containers like adult sized lego. Then our architects are available to manage the permit application process for our clients (additional cost), to reduce headaches and cut through red tape. The permit application process can range in timeframes based on the township (1-6 months+). 

The majority of the work is prefabricated at our production shop in Mississauga, then delivered to site for final fitting & trades. We can finish the buildings up to 75-90% complete in shop, based on local township inspection rules. In our shop we start with the metal work, containers are cut in length or internal walls opened and structurally reinforced for windows & doors. We then frame out all walls with studs, run electrical / plumbing & HVAC paths. We then spray foam insulate the inside of the perimeter walls, floors and ceiling based on local building code requirements for your property (we are licensed spray foamers through CUFCA). In our shop we will also rough in kitchens, washrooms and prefabricate roofs, decks and any other added elements to the home design. This step typically takes 2-6 months depending on the size of the container building & finishes selected.


Our container homes are delivered by flatbed truck to your property and craned onto position onto client pre-prepared footings (sonotube or helical piers, pads or traditional foundations). This step is typically completed in just one day and your building is now in place!


Final Trades
Once the container home is in place we bring in the final trades to finish your home. 
Multi-container buildings are finished along joining seams, insulated, water tight and roofing solutions added. All interior finishes in drywall, paint, trim & flooring, installation and final fittings for washrooms & kitchens, final painting etc. We then get to the best part, handing our clients the keys to their new dream home! This step typically ranges from 1-4 weeks depending on the size of container buildings & finishes selected.

Any questions? Please reach out and we will be happy to help explain the process a bit further.

Here's some videos showing some of our processes

Spray Foam Insulation:

Framing & Rough-ins:




Muskoka 530sf Walk-through:

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