Container Gyms

Check out this 35’ custom container gym we just finished for a client. A covered entrance, CNC formed black capping, three slider doors, recessed alcove, 12’ wide floor to ceiling mirrors, ductless a/c and super padded floors. Time to let the sweat fly!

Available in stock sizes (B106, B160) or custom sizes available like this 35’ unit.

Base kits include:
- Exposed corrugate (painted any colour) - can be upgraded with any external cladding
- Corrugate roof - can be upgraded with soffit pot lights 
- Standard black 6’ vinyl patio door & windows - upgrade options available 
- Spray foam insulation - interior walls, floor & ceiling
- Drywall walls & ceiling - can be upgraded to pine or various finishes 
- Vinyl flooring - can be upgraded to laminate or engineered hardwood
- Internal LED pot lights & electrical outlets
- Built in wall heaters & electrical panel

Additional Upgrade Options (extra):
- Built in storage & shelving
- Air conditioning - wall unit or AC splitter unit
- Front deck 
- Top Deck on roof with external staircase 

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