The C-800

2 or 3 Bed, 1 Bathroom, 1 Kitchen (40'W x 24'D x 19.5'H)

from $325,000

The C-800 is a spacious 2 or 3 bed main dwelling. This unit is built from (2) 40' and (1) 20’ HC containers offering 800sf. This suite is ideal as a small home or cottage. 

All of our container homes are available with various finishes based on client budget & needs.

- Kitchen - starting from standard IKEA (upgrades available).

- Bathroom - starting from standard IKEA (upgrades available).
- Spray foam insulation - R-value depends on region.
- Wall Finish - drywall or baltic Birch panels (upgrades available).
- Vinyl flooring (various colours & patterns) - laminates & engineered hardwood options (upgrade).
- Optional Heating & Air Conditioning (upgrade).
- Optional Built in Cabinets & Furniture (upgrade).

- Exterior Walls - exposed container corrugate, painted in any colour. Unlimited external cladding options available (upgrade).

- Standard Black Patio Door & Windows (upgrades available).
- Flat roof - soffit w/ pot lights optional (upgrade).
- Cover porch & decks available (upgrade).
- Decking Platforms available (upgrade).

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