Ballance Containers is a forward-thinking builder of Residential, Retail & Event Containers.
We offer quick & efficient build solutions using containers and other prefab solutions.
We offer standard kits as well as custom-designed solutions.

Container Homes & Cottages are modified shipping containers that are finished to act as modern, efficient residential buildings. Container homes can range from a single container or multiple containers can be combined to create full scale larger homes & cottages. Container homes are extremely durable & sustainable, offering superior structural strength that makes them ideal homes for rugged landscapes or harsh weather & climates. Container homes are prefabricated to municipal building codes using the same finishes as traditional homes - including spray foam insulation, electrical / plumbing / HVAC, windows & doors, drywall and exterior cladding.


Accessory buildings are external / secondary buildings to our main residences - including laneway houses, garden suites and bunkies. Our bunkies are compact buildings that meet the needs of the modern world, they can be used for guest cabins, pool bars & cabanas, home gyms, hot tub / saunas, outdoor bbq / kitchens or as outdoor offices for all those that now work from home.


Our container buildings are ideal building blocks for developers & builders - as residential or commercial buildings, rentals units, staff accommodations, motels, and glamping pods. Our units can be mass produced and are reconfigurable.


Retail Containers

RETAIL IS CHANGING. As COVID continues to change retail, there has never been a better time for brands to explore new ways to engage with their consumers. Brand experiences need to be brought directly to the consumers, in a safe and effective method, where consumers can learn about products or services and then have the option to order online.


Event Containers

The Ballance family has spent over 40 years in the event build business, fabricating modular display structures for mobile programs, including modifying containers for pop-up retail activations. Our containers are ideal as event or retail buildings, are easy to transport, and extremely durable for year round activations like pop-up shops, trade shows and micro retail commercial spaces. 


Benefits of Modular Construction

Finance Cost Savings - production time of 3-6 months compared to 12-15 months for traditional builds = reduced finance costing. 

Prefab Construction - buildings are built 75-90% in a climate controlled shop = increased efficiencies, less waste and costs.

Metal Construction - containers meet and surpass building codes and are superior to wood framing. They are rugged and are ideal in harsh climates and rough terrain.

Comfort Benefits - containers are spray foam insulated, therefore are much easier to heat & cool and keep drafts and bugs out. 

Green Benefits - containers can be equipped with energy efficient heating, cooling, lighting, solar & smart technologies to reduce energy use - creating net zero homes.

Reduced Impact on Neighbours - building is installed in 1-2 days, finishing trades 1-3 weeks (versus 12-15 months for traditional builds)

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