Developers & Builders

Our container buildings are ideal building blocks for developers & builders -
as residential or commercial buildings, rentals units, staff accommodations, motels, and glamping pods.

We are looking for distribution & installation partners across Canada!



TRENDING - the container build movement has grown across the world and is now desired by architects & clients - ideal for clients looking for modern solutions.
SPEED - modular construction is produced in a climate controlled factory and is typically half the time of conventional builds, allowing builders to produce more projects.
THE SHELL - let Ballance supply you with modified container (the “bones”) so you start your project with an enclosed building on day 1, you can then finish onsite.
CUSTOMIZATION - we can finish the building to any level you choose, based on your offerings or bandwidth.
UNLIMITED DESIGNS - containers are like adult sized lego, nearly any configuration is possible as we cut apart 40’ HC containers.

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